Calligraphy workshop

Working as a digital designer, I’m constantly in front of my computer. Whether I’m working, emailing, reading blogs or twitter-ing I find myself spending most of my time in front of a screen. This can’t be healthy- physically and mentally. These thoughts have been brewing for months and finally I came across a perfect workshop for me to attend. ‘Modern Calligraphy workshop’ by Quill London. (Quill London is a lovely lovely online stationery shop. In fact I’ve bought my Rifle paper phone case and had been regularly checking its website ever since – do check it out.)

I had been on a look-out for a calligraphy class for some time now, ever since a colleague went to one and showed us his skills. However, the one’s I’ve seen tended to be extremely expensive (around the £100 mark or a few hundred even) and lasted about 6 hours. Not knowing if I’ll enjoy the class after hearing they tended to be a bit of hit and miss I didn’t think it was worth the time and the money.

However Quill London’s workshop sounded perfect. It was under £50 with a discounted early bird offer, it only lasted for 3 hours and you get tea and cakes with it too! And ALSO you get to take the pen kit home with you too! What was more exciting was that it was MODERN calligraphy. Not the traditional copperplate calligraphy. Being an avid fan of the american-style swirly free-flowing letters, the type that you see on wedding invitations on Pinterest, I’ve always wished I could write like that. Well here was my chance.

And off I went to the class in mid-August, held in the back room of a lovely pub called ‘The Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker’ in Angel. The class was taught by Imogen Owen a calligrapher who owns her own letterpress studio.

As soon as we entered the room we were greeted by Lucy- founder of Quill Studios and Imogen who was drawing up this  awesome welcome board created by her.


Isn’t the set-up beautiful?

IMG_4594 IMG_4606

As soon as everyone arrived and settled we gathered around Imogen as she instructed and demonstrated her skills. Everyone’s jaw dropped as we watched her work her magic. She made it look so easy!

We spent the day tracing over her styled alphabet template before we went onto practicing the letters without the template and eventually onto a phrase of our choice. Imogen came round our tables and advised us as we all scribbled away. The three hours flew by, we all had aching inky fingers by the end of it.



The refreshments prepared by the pub were delicious!

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and recommend  it anyone who has an interest in calligraphy. In fact Quill London has posted up several more dates for the calligraphy class and they seem to sell out on the day it is announced!

I intend to keep up with my newly gained skill- hopefully I’ll be able to create something beautiful!




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