360° Panoramic Views

A log of some 360° panoramic projects I’ve seen.

Google is providing a service that allows businesses to opt in and allow potential customers to have a peek around through a series of online 360° panoramas- it’s called Google Places. The first business to get the Places treatment is Comics Toons N Toys; a comic book store in California.

The wonders of Google have allowed me to paste this onto my blog! Cool huh? Walk right through the door and explore around.


360° Langstrasse Zürich is one cool site! According to Google Translate it’s ‘A Web documentation, which takes us through the craziest quarters of Switzerland. We follow a police patrol, observe the “oldest” business and lookinto the lives of families, entrepreneurs, colorful birds.’

You can tour the city by scrolling up and down, and even see it in night view (click on the crescent on the right hand corner)! You can also see nearby tweets.

Throwable Panoramic Ball

PanoPlaza is a panoramic view with a twist. This doesn’t use Google Street View but combines panoramic virtual tours with virtual shopping. In this example, you can shop all kinds of sweets and desserts from the  basement floor of a large Japanese department store.

It sure makes you drool!


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