I found an awesome site a few months ago- the FWA TV website.

It’s currently undergoing an upgrade to version 2 but the version 1 series were great – it invited agencies all over the world that had won FWAs to book time slots over several weeks to broadcast themselves over the internet for an hour a week. Some agencies started by showing the typical studio working environment and then decided to do something different for the next week – unit9 for example decided to take viewers on a tour on London’s streets on a motorcycle to Buckingham palace on one week.

I loved having a peek at the different agencies and see what their studio look like or how they work- and see who the people behind these agencies are. It’s a rare opportunity! It meant that I could have a peek at what a friend of mine was up to at her workplace in Japan at 4am in the morning! Or what Mexico’s creative studio looked like at 4pm.

Bring on version 2!


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