So I finished my internship a few weeks ago, finished a big freelance illustration project and on the lookout for my next internship whilst working my portfolio. There’s always something to do, as soon as I get a bit of time I’m gonna hit the pile of design magazines I’ve been meaning to read…hopefully outside in the sun.

I think it’s high time I wrote about the exhibitions I visited back in April, I can’t believe it’s that long ago! In my previous internship, I and another intern girl was lucky enough to be sent by the MD to go on a day trip to visit exhibitions to take in a bit of inspiration. First the Design Museum’s Wim Crouwel and Brit Insurance Designs of the Year exhibitions, followed by ‘Roger That’ at Kemistry Gallery, and then a pop-in to ‘My Big Fat Royal Wedding’ at Maidenshop.

Dutch designer Wim Crouwel’s exhibition was a great inspiration for typography and grid layout design. The exhibition celebrate his career that spanned over 60 years! Wow. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed. Here’s Crouwel’s interview with Crane TV to give you a bit of insight. It’s on to 3 July so hurry if you haven’t seen it.


The Brit Insurance Design of the Year nominations was also great- it’s great to see many different disciplines of design in one places and be amazed by the different ideas.

The winning Brit Insurance Design of the Year 2011 – the Plumen lightbulb which I’m sure everyone knows about. By British designer Samuel Wilkinson and product design company Hulger, it has a lovely shape and is a low-energy product!

Amplify Chandelier by Yves Behar/ Fuseproject for Swarwovski. These were stunning! Each paper shade only contained one swarovski crystal! Instead of many crystals used in one chandelier, this used one crystal and one LED light, resulting in multiple reflections and rainbow colour bursts. ‘Using low energy LEDs and FSC-certified paper shades, and produced using green energy, the lighting series is  as sustainable as it is beautiful.’

Concrete Canvas Shelters- Peter Brewin, William Crawford, Phillip Greer. Cheap, rapid and efficient design! the design combines an inflatable inner liner and an outer fabric impregnated with dry concrete powder. Once inflated, the curved surface is optimised for compressive loading and the outside layer simply needs water to make it harden. So basically shelters that only uses water and air for construction!

Design Criminals Edible Catalogue. Produced as a catalogue to accompany Sam Jacob’s exhibition Design Criminals at the Vienna MAK. The typographic slipcase is made of pastillage, pages are made from wafer printed with vegetable ink. Visitors at an evening event were invited to eat the catalogue – overthrowing the function of the catalogue, which in fact supported the exhibition’s subversive theme.

E-chromi. Wow! This is mind-blowing!

It’s a collaboration between designers and scientists in the new field of synthetic biology – bacteria were genetically engineered to secrete different coloured pigments – which can have all sorts of used for the future, for example you can use it to test if water is safe to drink (by turning red if they detect a toxin), by 2039 there maybe a probiotic yoghurt drink for cheap personalised disease monitoring!

Watch the video to understand it!

The ‘Roger That’ exhibition showcases a new interpretation of the Phonetic Alphabet by design studios Eat/Sleep/Work/Play, Inventory studio and Julia.’Playing on the code words assigned to the letters of the alphabet such as Zulu, Foxtrot and Oscar, each print in the exhibition exposes the often absurd and sometimes poetic connections between letter and code…his project brings together a suitably pan-global team of 3 boutique design studios based in London comprising of seven designers from France, England, Switzerland, Italy and Brazil. Each was responsible for four letters. United by their expertise in typography, and bringing their international heritage in lettering design and research to bear, Inventory Studio, ESW/P and Julia present a witty and imaginative visualization of the Phonetic Spelling Alphabet.’ I loved the colours of the posters – all posters were printed in two special Pantone colours. The exhibition made me somewhat cheeful.

On the downstairs floor of the Maiden Shop East End Prints have asked artists, illustrators and designers to produce prints loosely based around of the Royal Wedding. Some colourful charming works were on show.

A long day that left our creative minds refreshed!


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