Brand Wonderland

Another quick post today! I’ve been blogging everyday at my internship in fact…here. I always have stuff to blog about! Sadly time does not permit to do so on this blog right now but will do soon hopefully- like of the design exhibitions I’ve been to!

This is something I saw a few months ago – Brand Wonderland. It’s a game created by Paradigma, a communications agency in Moscow.

It’s in Russian,but fear not. All you have to do on the website is to find 60 famous brands – either logos, or  some kind of depiction. Press on the flashing red PLAY button on the top nav and it’s give you the brands to look for, one a time. I have to say some of them are  really vague! Have a go if you fancy a game and have some spare time.

Don’t look at the image below if you are going to have a go – I’m giving away all the answers!

I have a few new pieces of work I should be putting on my website soon!


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