Tron: Legacy Southbank 3D projection mapping

On the coldest week  this year Guided – the agency I was previously interning at, revealed a stunning 3D projection mapping show on the Southbank.  The experiential project was created for Disney’s launch of the  Tron: Legacy film and HP ePrint, and consisted of 6 projectors and laser beams on the top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

I went to see it on the 30th (in the snow!) and I have to say I’m so proud of the guys for all the hard work.  We’ve been talking for months about having a 3D projection mapping show on the Southbank whist I was interning there- the idea was that we give  workers who walk their way home over the bridge something ‘wow’ to look at. From all the talks and meetings with the right people, and the filming of the southbank to create a draft plan during the summer  – it finally came to life this winter and I’m so happy to see it completed. We just had to wait for the right client who would take it on board.

Well done guys!!

Above: filming for intial plans back in the summer

Replica of Flynn’s arcade.

You can watch a short film of it here:

TRON: Legacy Projection Mapping trailer – Southbank London from Guided Collective on Vimeo.


And read more about the project here


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