Orange Thursdays

Don’t I mean Orange Wednesdays? Well I’ve just spent a good few hours today (well yesterday – it’s very late right now) playing this. A simple game, but once I’ve started, I’m totally addicted!

This is a lovely online game called Balloonacy by Poke for Orange mobile network. What you do is get a balloon and race  it against  hundreds of other balloon fliers across a lot…A LOT of internet pages. The fastest flier wins a hot air balloon ride across the Masai Mara! Cute graphics, great sound effects, and very easy to play too!

You can collect badges (like foursquare), bonus air (very important in steering your balloon up towards the goals) and wave to fellow players. On the other hand you can sign up to ‘host’ the race on your oen website too – increasing your site traffic and does make it cool! So far I’ve seen the likes of graphic designers, web programmers, and even the Justin Bieber  UK website hosting the race.

I’m now in the deep space stage and somewhere halfway through, I got stuck on a page where the race didn’t load. Perhaps I get rescued tomorrow?

Now stuck, it seems unlikely I’ll win the prize but after going through most of it I’m determined to finish it! Quite curious how the finish line looks too! I think Orange must be the coolest mobile network this week.

UPDATE – I’ve cleared it!

I had to leave the game half way through and got stuck so it’s a ridiculous time but hey I’ve cleared it and I can try another lap!


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