Hoarding boards

Look what’s up in Victoria?

These shiny hoarding boards were designed by Hat-Trick Design for Land Securities. Looking perfect for the oncoming christmas season.

I’ve wondered for a while if anyone will do anything nice on hoarding boards. Mostly they’re painted in a plain colour that will be then covered by graffiti, or feature some advertising. But who would bother to put up something nice and spend money on something that’s only temporary?

The temporary cover up of St Paul’s cathedral when they carried out restoration work a few years ago was nice (it showed what it should look like behind the hoardings). I feel it was there because there was a need for it. It was a major tourist spot and it needed to look attractive for visitors.

Seeing metres of plain hoarding boards that were vandalised in graffiti here and there isn’t a good look – it’s boring, ugly and downgrades the area. Because it’s only there for a couple of weeks or months, I guess we just thought we would tolerate it. Here, they have made the initiation to do something different. Hat-Trick Design has designed illuminated letters that each evokes a particular story about London – e.g. the letter ‘B’ resembles the Busby bearskin hats. They’re beautiful! The shiny effect makes it stand out and it just uplifts the whole area (although a large part of these hoardings are covered up right now-probably for safety and essential reasons). By making passers-by engage and learn about the area they’ve made it relevant too. Good on Hat – Trick Design and Land Securities.

You can read more about the project on Creative Review’s article.

Y stood for Yeoman.


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