I went to my second glug event this year on Thursday, again at Cargo.

This time the fantastic Airside were talking, so I had to go!

The event was a sell out and the room was absolutely packed! Too packed! Anyone thought about health and safety issues? I’m sure some late comers wouldn’t have been able to see anything. Being short, I managed to squeeze in to the front of the room. I had to prop myself up with my arm against the back of the chair on the end of the front row to stop myself from falling over the person in front.

FAT made the whole room laugh with their soft Hercules chair. See it here.

Fred Deakin in an awesome patterned sweater introduced the speakers.

Jamie Wieck from Airside talked about engagement and story telling – also screened a sweet animation that they created for Nokia.

Anna Gerber (lecturer at LCC) and Britt Iversen of Visual Editions talked about storytelling and the creation of their new books – books that use visual writing.

Richard Hogg, an ex-Airsider gave a very humorous talk about his personality- about being contrary, with accompanying illustrated slides.


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