I’ve been back to the RCA show this summer, and it was well worth it! Very inspirational. Sadly I wasn’t allowed to take pictures at the exhibition but here’s some of those that caught my eye – pictures from RCA website, and other online publications.

Rope Bench by Yoav Reches

I don’t have a picture for it but have a LOOK at this awesome Azusa Murakami’s table here I love it!

A large clock that only tells you the time when you stand n front of it (picture taken from CR blog). By Hye-Yeon Park.

By Hiromi Ozaki aka Sputniko.A mentruation machine – blends a bit of the weird, wonderful and disturbing culture of Japan!

Read more about it  and her other interesting works that were on show here

Expression dispatcher by Gerald Ralló

Daniel Frost’s pencil crayon drawing

Imogen Luddy’s ceramic digital dolly plate and napkin (photo from DeTnk)

Brilliant exhibition with some really mind-boggling products and ideas. How on earth do they make them?

Though some of the descriptive panels placed next to the work left me still confused – I still hadn’t a clue what it was about/ what it did after reading it. e.g. ‘Okay so it’s a lightbulb. But what else does it do? How does it work and why was it made?’ Perhaps they’re just too clever.


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