I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Westfield’s pop-up restaurant in Sratford.

I’ve been taking part in Westfield’s Studio East project at my internship at Guided – we’ve created a campaign to promote London’s hottest talent as well as the pop-up restaurant that launched it, via Foursquare and blog.

It’s really exciting to see a project develop right from the beginning – from the stage before we’ve even pitched our idea, to the execution phase where it’s been taken out to the real world and become tangible. It’s taken it’s own life.

Taken from the blog post I’ve written on the Guided blog (edited by colleagues at Guided):

‘Last weekend I was lucky enough to visit the Studio East Dining Pop Up restaurant; a collaboration between Westfield Stratford City and East London restaurant Bistrotheque (whose part Pop-Up ventures have included the very exclusive Flash and The Reindeer). The restaurant is stunning pavilion situated on the rooftop of Westfield Stratford City’s 1.9 million sq ft site designed by award winning architects, Carmody Groarke, and overlooking the Olympic site.

Despite the site still being a literal construction site, the whole experience of dining on the rooftop restaurant was truly something special. Upon arriving via a high-speed air-conditioned train, you are escorted by friendly security staff to the top floor of the site where you are then greeted by smiling waiters with Patrón Tequila cocktails. How lush!

We had been blessed us with English summer sunshine on that day, which allowed us to enjoy the beautiful sunset views whilst we ate our way through the 3 course communal feast. There was a tremendous amount of food, but each dish was simply delicious. Not a single dish disappointed us.

Lots of great food, live piano music, beautiful scenery, and plenty of cocktails. You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect romantic evening.

To imagine in two years time, this site will no longer be a construction site and be buzzing with people is very exciting.

The Pop Up restaurant has now closed it’s doors after a very exclusive three week run. However, this is very much only the beginning for Studio East the aim of which is to recognise and reward creative talent and engage with the East London community.’

You can see the Studio East blog we’ve created here: http://www.westfieldstudioeast.co.uk/

The pavilion was designed to last only 3 weeks! And to think it’s been taken down is a bit of a shame. The site is going to turn into a car park! But all good things come to an end I guess?


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