LCC Supergraphics

In the last 2 weeks I’ve visited two inspirational degree shows – LCC’s BA graphic design degree show and RCA’S Show Two.

LCC students were fortunate this year to have a lot of space to exhibit – last year when I graduated, we only had the space of our individual studios.

Lovely illustration – sorry forgot to take the name

Richard Harvey’s Note Drop – the user becomes a composer by placing blocks on a rotating sequencer or breaking beams with their hands.

And his Floating Forecaster – a floating display that reinterprets weather information via hovering patterns and  flowing movement.

A hand illustrated flip-book machine by Eri Sawatari.

A cycling jacket that responds to the pollution levels around the city by Kayleigh Thompson.

‘Composition of Consequences’ by Jack Lee –  a drawing made by the sliding device above.

Sorry forgot to take down the name. If you look closely, you can see there’s words in the knitting.

Some very creative talent!



  1. aki m

    i just miss my college! wanted to visit this year’s show..

  2. Yuri

    > aki m

    I wish you were here too!

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