When do I have time to read all these?

…+ I have more.

Have been meaning to, have been meaning to…it’s hard enough trying to keep up with all the news that comes through twitter, blogs and campaign magazine online.

Perhaps on the train? But that time’s mostly taken up either catching up with the ‘real’ outside world reading the Metro or the Evening Standard, or sleeping.

Today’s paper announced hat Boris Johnson had plans to have wi-fi hotspots installed on platforms…finally! So when I actually get an iPad or iPhone (probably not anytime soon), I guess I’ll be flicking through magazine contents through that.

I do love print though..it’s just that if you want to read it, you have to have it on you all the time. If it’s on a phone or a gadget then hey it’s an ‘all-in-one’ convenience. Kind of scary how we all love convenience.

Recently, Boards magazine had ceased publishing, and so has the ever-cool grafik magazine. What a shame! Grafik was always good to look at, and it kind of felt special to feel it in your hands with it’s high quality print- but it was far too expensive for me to buy it frequently. With popularity in digital publishing, we hear that the way forward for print is to focus more on it’s aesthetic quality- but surely that will mean higher prices in most cases.

Speaking of magazines, I’ve come by another cool magazine – Contagious magazine, a quaterly magazine that ‘identifies the ideas, trends and innovations behind the world’s most revolutionary marketing strategies’. Now the experience of reading this is more like a book than a magazine! On their current issues’s cover they’ve used  Stickybits. Heard of it? Basically it’s a barcode that you can tag digital content onto. Users scan the barcode through an app on your iPhone (everything’s got an app for iPhone these days!) or Android  to see the content attached. e.g. a video can be tagged onto the barcode. How cutting edge is that?

See if you’re a digital designer  and got a business card, you can attach a stickybit on to it which you’ve tagged your portfolio onto, and whoever gets your card can scan the barcode on their phone and have a look at it…rather than them having to type in your very long website address (as in my case). It’s like a gimmick for the receiver. They don’t just get a business card, it’s a business card with a stickybit! Hm perhaps I should create one.


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