Om Nom Nom

Joe frequently says that. Om nom nom. I think I even learnt that phrase from him.

Guess what?

I’ve made my debut on the  What Katie Wore blog, which my utterly brilliant colleague Joe writes. Here’s the blog post. I’ve been overwhelmed by the nice comments! Made me blush.

One of my other interests aside from graphic design is cooking, especially baking. I often bake treats for friends as presents and have started to bring some things in for the studio. This time I decided to make one for Joe and Katie. They’ve got such an iconic status I decided to create their faces. They loved it : D I’m so happy! It’s nice to know what you make is appreciated.

Oh and this is some carrot cake I made  for the studio a couple of weeks ago.

P.S: My 3 month internship has finished, but I’ve decided to stay on for a little longer.


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