Glug-digital barbecue

I’ve been very fortunate to be taken by my boss Sam, to my first ever Glug event (a monthly event held by Studio Output and Nick Clement of Made studio).

The evening was blessed with fine weather – which made it perfect for barbecue burgers, cold beers and wine outside whilst mingling with other people of the same industry. After a very long delay (so many people were turning up!) talks were made from Mill Co., Patternity, Mickey Stretton from Utile & Beau, Maverick Media as well as Marc Kremars who is part of our collective.

Mill Co.- talked about how they started their company and introduced works from their collective

Patternity- about their interest in all things patterns

Mickey Stretton- how he had setted up his new company Utile & Beau. He also showed us a project for a hospital which he was invloved in when he was previously  working at AllofUs – which I had been fortunate to see before at a hugely inspiarational talk given by art director Sanky from AllofUs whilst studying at university.

Maverick Media- about their video games projects

Marc Kremars- intelligent talk about how his upbringing in South Africa has affected the work he produces today

It’s a fantastic place to network!

The long queue to get in


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