Update on Internship

It’s already been a month since I’ve started my internship and wow how time flies! I’m, now well settled in and I think the agency as a whole is just about finishing taking its first initial steps- all the necessary things that an agency that’s just started needs to do! So hopefully we’ll have no more sneaky calls trying to sell us electricity or cheeky ones from directories. Looks like we’re going to get cracking and be even busier from this week!

I’ve forgotten to mention this but a week later we’ve launched, we had drinks at the studio to celebrate our start and invited our creative collective and friends around. It’s been a great night to actually meet people in person and put faces to names I’ve been emailing to.

Another thing I like about my internship is that we always have new people visiting us at our studio…including this little guest called Lilly!

We’ve never had a guest that was so excited to see us as she was, literally she didn’t stop running around for about 20 minutes. How adorable!


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