Three, Two…Oh

I am happy to say I have started my first day at my first placement at Guided Collective.

They are a new creative agency in London, with a radical new agency model that combines the strengths of advertising and digital agencies with the variety and reach of a global creative community…note: they are NOT a crowdsourcing platform (watch their animation on their website or read this post to get an idea of how they work). I’m so excited to be part of such a new agency and look forward to see how it develops. What I’ve been writing in my dissertation last year and been reading in blogs and magazines about the future of advertising and the role of user-generated /consumer-led design ties in with how this agency decided to operate. It all kinda led up to this, funnily.

Guided has just launched today…or should I say, was due to.

We were having a lovely meeting in the morning, and just as things looked like we were going to get busy and head our way, would you or not believe we had a power cut in the area! The power didn’t return for the rest of the day, so that’s how the first day ended.

Hopefully we’ll be on our way tomorrow!


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