Aren’t these brilliant?

Another reason why I love receiving big brown packages in the post : )

I’ve been collecting stamps since I was a primary school kid and have continued to do so. Though I had  once thought about giving up…you know that growing-up phase where you worry so much about what’s “cool” or not and what the other kids think of you. I’m glad that I’ve continued. The graphics that you get on some of the stamps were too nice to part with! I have to admit though that I rarely sort them out and organise them into books now.

These stamps were sold in Japan as part of a series of stamps to mark the 50th anniversary of Weekly Shounen Sunday and Weekly Shounen Magazine manga comics in 2009. The set of stamps above feature pictures from the top comics that have been published in the Weekly Shounen magazine in the 196os and 70s. It’s not an overstatement to say manga comics are a part of everyone’s childhood in Japan. I say it’s similar to the attachment you’ll have with Beano I guess over here, but it’s much much stronger.



  1. aki m

    woooww! these stamps are so nice!
    I will collect good designed stamps and send some with letters from next time:)
    Come to japan, and let’s go to the stamp museum in Mejiro!

    • Yuri

      >aki m
      Thanks, I’ll look forward to it!!
      There’s a stamp museum in Mejiro? I never knew that, we have to go!!

  2. aki m

    yes there is.
    quite maniac and quiet place. anaba!
    there are no young people though, i quite liked there and have visited several times in my teens.

  3. Yuri

    >aki m
    Looks like they have different themed exhibitions all the time, great!

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