Brit Insurance Designs of the Year, Dieter Rams, Ergonomics- Design Museum

The ticket prices have gone up at the Deisgn Museum but that didn’t stop me from visiting it. I do miss the student discount though! After all, it is three exhibitions that’s on show.

Design collective Farm has set up home under the stairs of the museum as part of the Designers in Residence programme. Whatever they were making, it looked fun! A very hands-on studio.

My main aim was to see the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year exhibition that recently opened on the first floor gallery space. I’ve been curious what these rotating pandas were about…

Panda Eyes were created as an artwork by Jason Bruges studio in response to a WWF brief, to raise awareness of climate change. The rotating pandas detect any approaching visitors and turn to face them…slightly creepy!

Beautiful fabric lanterns created by Nendo

An impressive installation, Clouds by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Kvadrat

Folding plug by Min-Kyu Choi

The plug was created as a result of the designer’s annoyance of having to carry around bulky UK plugs thicker than his laptop. This one folds down to a width of just 1cm. This is an experience I can relate to; when I travelled to Japan a few years ago, I showed a friend how big our plugs are; he laughed at how ridiculously big it was. You’ll understand  if you’ve seen how small the Japanese ones are, it only has 2 pins.

Moving on to the upper floor, the Dieter Rams exhibition showcases his life works for German electornics manufacturer Braun and furniture manufacturer Vitsoe. His works are simple  and  perhaps it’s nothing surprising to what you see today, but if you think these were made from 50 years ago he must have been ahead of his time. The products both look retro as well as timeless; they don’t look out of place at all. Dieter Rams’ minimalist style has made a heavy influence on designs of today such as Apple and Muji.

The Ergonomics exhibition next door-  displays exploring how design reacts with everyday life to make products, systems and services safe, efficient and enjoyable to use.

Resus-station- a trolley for healthcare professionals that allows equipment to be organised in an efficient and easy way, by displaying all the equipments on the outside.

Visting the museum brightens up any rainy day.



  1. Frances

    Hello! I like the resus:station design so much! Do you have more photos?

  2. Frances

    Do you have more photos of resus:station?

  3. Yuri


    Hello Frances! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve had a look but sorry, I don’t seem to have anymore pictures.

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