Van Gogh at the Royal Academy of Arts

Van Gogh’s exhibition is currently on show at the RAA, and I thought it would be a good change to see some classic pieces of art. It brang back memories of all his pictures I studied in secondary school, when what most of the art classes comprised of  was just copying an artist’s pictures or styles.

The first major Van Gogh exhibition in London for over 40 years shows a large collection of his works, sketches and his letters (mostly to his brother Theo) that gives an insight to his mind. It was fresh to see his watercolours and paintings that didn’t have the famous brush strokes that he was known for (although of course the ones that do are also on show). I noticed that the colours of the real pieces were so much more vibrant than you could ever see from an image of the same picture found on the internet. So more powerful, so much emotion.

There was so much to see and the only downside of the exhibition was that it was very busy, the galleries were full of people so it was very difficult to take your time and see every single picture closely. I had to wait around 45 minutes to buy the tickets so I do recommend pre-booking online but tickets for the next week or so are already sold out. Otherwise try visiting early morning or late afternoon when there should be less visitors.

The exhibition is on until 18th April.


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