Hello hare

Wow it’s already turned February. Which means my birthday’s coming soon, I really thought things would have progressed much faster by now. Ah well, have to keep going.

I was around Shoreditch yesterday, and whilst there I thought I’ll take a look inside the Kemistry Gallery…but unfortunately by the time I got there it was closed!! Whilst meandering my way through the side streets (I had a vague memory of how the streets mapped out) I spotted several creative hubs here and there, ‘oh that’s where that is…that’s the place I heard about the other day’. There’s something quite magical about seeing these creative places lit up in the dark, it’s buzzing, but quietly, whether the creative place is a agency with its people still working on their macs and projection screens, an ‘arty’ cafe or a small designer lighting store. I felt that they were working hard because they enjoyed what they were doing, and it almost looked like they were encouraging me to keep  trying. Timely, I needed an uplift these days.

There’s always something new up in Shoreditch, and this is what I found yesterday.

What you see walking up from one side

and from the other side…

Apparently, it was painted by street artist ROA.



  1. aki m

    woooo so cute and grotesque! you see these things around the town, this makes good arty feeling to people. that’s why i love london:-)

  2. Yuri

    >aki m
    Yes that’s what makes London great. Maybe something else will replace it the next time I visit.

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