Books, blogs and the iPad

Whilst I am trying to find myself an internship, I’ve been keeping myself busy reading design magazines, various design blogs and news sites and books. Right now I’m managing to read through 3 magazines per month but a new one always come out in the stores as soon as I finish one…it’s never ending! It’s quite difficult to keep up.

A recent  book I read is Designing Design by Kenya Hara.

This is a book that I had first took out from the university library whilst still a student there but never managed to finish reading, so decided to buy it a few months later.

It’s a beautiful book that you can easily pick up and put down, you can just choose a project to read about one day, flick through and choose another the next day. Hara gives you great insights to his philosophy and way of thinking, talking about various projects undertaken by him and fellow designers, and you can feel his sense of curiosity and humour.

The iPad

It’s been released yesterday. iPod…iPad, I seen what they’ve done, and I’ve heard comments that it sounds ‘sanitary’.

I think it’s mostly negative comments I’ve heard about it, probably because it has been hyped before it’s launch and many had been expecting something completely new that no-one could have thought up of. I think it’s the inevitable next piece of technology that they could have built.

Thinking more positively, thinking of opportunities for it….

  • Weighing at just 1.5 pounds, it would be so much easier to take out and work on than a laptop. Right now it’s kind of difficult to take out the laptop out of your bag and balance it on your lap without bringing attention to yourself. Once the internet is made available on the tube (with our victorian tunnel systems who knows how long we’ll have to wait) I bet everyone will be trying to use the Internet on it, just how everyone is using their iPods to listen to music underground now. Instead of seeing everyone reading the Metro newspaper in the morning, perhaps you’ll see everyone reading the news from the iPad…imagine.
  • The other day, I saw two businessmen colleagues talking business affairs to each other, one showing a print-out of figures to the other. Maybe in a few years, you’ll see them using the iPad to share files. Designers might be sketching out ideas on it in their spare time and project it on to a screen in a presentation that afternoon.
  • I’m just watching the keynote presentation and they mention they are thinking of making textbooks available on the iPad…a whole classroom learning from iPads may not be in the distant future. Okay they might just be replacing computers. But geez, whiteboards were a new thing in my schooldays.
  • Perhaps, those LED poster screens in the underground stations can act as huge iPads, a multitouch screen computer where you can find out information about the local area…kind of like the campaigns on the bus shelters AKQA created, and kind of like the multitouch information screens available to customers at Westfields shopping centre.
  • At my local gym, screens are put on many of the equipments such as the treadmill so people can watch TV, listen to music and see how many calories they’ve burnt whilst they work out. Right now, what they can’t do is use the internet. If some kind of a holder was made and attached, people may bring their own iPads and work/ facebook whilst they move muscles.

…though making technology and the Internet this readily-available is a bit worrying. It can’t be healthy, we need a break!

The amount of technological advancements made in the past two decades is phenomenal, I can’t guess how fast things will develop in the next 10 years.


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