V&A -Decode: Digital Design Sensations

Time Out London has a great 2-for-1 offer to see V&A’s Decode: Digital Design Sensations exhibition.

I went to the exhibition yesterday, and will show you a couple of my favourite pieces. The exhibition showcases the latest developments in digital design within three themes; Code, Interactivity and Network.

Although the exhibition was smaller than what I had expected, and had a couple of non-working installations, it was not a disappointment. The interactive pieces were so fun!

Dune- Daan Roosegaarde Upon entering the exhibition, you are greeted by electronic grasses. The fibre sticks protuding from the floor light up and sway, and I think hits you as you walk through it.

Venetian Mirror- Fabrica A large mirror that doesn’t immediately show your reflection. Only when you approach and keep very still, the reflection appears like a photograph being developed, resulting in- if you shuffle a couple of times, ghostly  resemblences of yourself with futurism-like angles.

Body Paint- Mehmet Akten A large wall which visitors can digitally paint by moving their bodies.


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