Childhood summer days

When I was a child, I used to go buy the rectangular carton ice creams from the corner shop on hot summer days. I hadn’t seen one for years but Lyons Maid has made a come back with this big size!


I was really excited when I first saw it in the supermarket and bought it straight away. I had wondered why there aren’t many rectangular carton packaged ice cream these days. Isn’t it more eco-friendly than the normal plastic tubs? but I soon found out when I got home and opened it… it can be a very sticky and messy process! But that was part of the fun and experience of opening the box.

I did a quick google about Lyon Maid…from Wiki…the company was created in 1925, was bought up and absorbed by Nestle in 1992 and revived by R&R Ice Cream only last year.

Charlotte Hambling senior marketing managager of R&R stated at the time: “By bringing back the Lyons Maid brand to family dinner tables across the country, we will be tapping into the great nostalgia the brand enjoys, as well as the strong consumer heritage and high levels of consumer awareness and trust within the brand. With our new Lyons Maid products, we are taking advantage of these factors and introducing a range of family favourites, as well as re-establishing the brand”

I managed to find a picture I took of the Lyons Maid sign board that hanged off the corner shop a few years ago. Sadly it’s not there any more. I kinda like the old faded pastel colours.lyonsmaid

All things have an end to them and I wonder if ice cream vans will disappear off the streets one day. I’d hate to see it go! Or even if it does go, maybe it’d just continue to be there in a different form somehow.

Just an extra pic…this is Thailand’s version of their ice cream van. I chased after it in the car whilst on holiday there last year. How fantastic is this!

motor ice


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