Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner…


…that I love London so!

My walk on Sunday:

Old Street—>Columbia Road Flower market—>detour around council flats behind it (also called getting lost)—> Leila’s shop at Calvert Avenue—>Spitalfields market—> V&A museum—-> Picadilly circus—>Soho

Since today was the last day of the London Design Festival, I decided to go look at exhibitions that were held at the V&A.

P1040439 P1040442

Wallpaper* chair arch by Martino Gamper in the V&A garden- revisit of idea of creating unusual arches made from local commodities to celebrate local industry (arches of this kind had been made in Victorian Britain)

P1040446 P1040448

P1040460 P1040453

From top left, clockwise: Alan Kitching, Studio Frith, Damon Murray and Stephen Sorrell- Fuel, Andy Altmann-Why Not Associates

My main visit to the V&A was to look at the Pentagram London Poster exhibition, where 20 leading graphic designers and typographers were asked to celebrate design in London using only two colours. However, I was disappointed to find that the posters were exhibited in a corridor just outside the toilets….yes the distinct toilet smell,the creaking of the swinging doors. I guess they were desperate to find space! Bold graphics, a lovely poem by Michael Wolff and typographic posters were on display, and my particular favourite was one by Studio Frith, which they twisted the Lord’s prayer to fit names of areas of London…although I have seen this kind of idea before, e.g. DFS advertising posters. Although I can sense that this unique font has taken elements of the London tube map, I wonder what the small numbers placed on top of the places are…coordinates?

Whilst at the V&A, I also had a look at the ‘Telling Tales’ exhibition; an exhibition showcasing furniture, lighting and ceramics designed in the spirit of story-telling by international designers such as Tord Boontje, Maarten Baas, Jurgen Bey and Studio Job. The first two sections; Forest Glade and The Enchanted Castle section wase a mirrored room with bird-tweeting music in the background, and the Heaven and Hell section was a dark room lighted by red florescent lamps.

I was enchanted by works displayed in the Forest Glade and The Enchanted Castle section, but wasn’t so impressed by the Heaven and Hell section, where the works were confined within walls, which visitors looked at through the small windows. Perhaps the walls help conjure the uneasy feel of Heaven and Hell, but it distanced the furniture away from visitors and did not allow them to see them properly.

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take any pictures inside, but these are a few of my favourites (images from V&A website):
'Petit Jardin' chair 50s

'Robber Baron' mantel clock 63'Clone' chair

From top left; Petit Jardin Chair by Tord Boontje, ‘Robber Baron’ table, ‘Robert Baron’ mantel clock, ‘The Pyramids of Makkum’ tulip vase by Studio Job, ‘Clone’ chair by Julian Mayor.

Later on whilst I was walking the back of Soho, I encountered someone who coincidentally related to this poster I saw at the V&A.


P1040468 P1040510

The Pearly Kings and Queens! I think they must have took part in the Regent Street festival.

I loved their costumes and I think their car is fantastic!

For more information about the Telling Tales exhibition (on until 18th October), visit


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