London Design Festival- Central London

On Thursday, I decided to visit two more exhibitions before attending the talk at Wieden + Kennedy later on the day.

On the corner of Carnaby Street is a very charming SORT’s Maker Difference pop-up letterpress studio.


Organised by Cockpit Arts, SORT (the Society or Revisionist Typographers) transformed a shop into a pop-up letterpress workshop over this week in which visitors can watch live demonstrations taking place and even try it out for themselves. Visitors are welcomed to letterpress onto a small beautiful notebook that they can keep.

I’m a big fan of letterpress and have used my university’s basement facility when I studied there. Unlike the large printing press that I’ve used at LCC, here I had the chance to use a smaller hobby-version.


And tadaa!…here’s the notebook (red decorative elements had been ready-printed)


Throughout the week they also hold workshops everyday which are now sadly fully booked.

The shop also sells a range of cotton bags, books and  cards, all letterpressed.



I love the fact that visitors can have a go at doing something they’ve never had the chance to. It’s a fantastic opportunity and I highly recommend visiting.

Next, I managed to catch the Olympik exhibition held by Grafik on its last day. Suitably held at The German Gymnasium near King’s Cross, it displayed 39 posters by UK t’s most talented designers, each interpreting an Olympic sport or discipline. Some very simple and powerful graphics on show.



P1040402 P1040407 P1040409 P1040410

From top.left to right: Music’s BMX poster, Rowing by North, Boxing by John Morgan, Trampoline by Anthony Burrill, Freestyle Wrestling by Studio Frith.


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