B inspired

After visiting exhibitions, I attended the B inspired talk at Wieden + Kennedy.

As soon as I walked three flights of stairs and entered the room, I knew the  talk was going to be great.


They had filled the whole room with deck chairs! love it!!

And hanging on each chair was a free goodie bag from bridgeman art gallery  who sponsered the talk.


The talk included three different designers, Benji Wiedmann from A+B studio, Ben James founder of Jotta, and Joel Gethin Lewis from Hellicar & Lewis talking about what inspiration is and where it comes from.

All the talks were full of advice and great listening to.

Some advices:

– share your ideas

– always ask why

– be obsessive

– listen

– step out

I particulary enjoyed the first talk by Benji who told a humorous story about how he had received a brief by email from Japanese magazine Brain, that was very difficult to understand. So he flew all the way there to talk to them, and started the brief as soon as he got back home in London (2AM)…which included being constantly hit by water balloons.

The resulting cover:

I was pleasantly surprised that all three talks related to Japan in someway; Benji talking about his brief for Brain magazine, Ben talking about how he gets inspiration from Japanese Free & Easy magazine, and Joel about trying to find inspirations for a new name for his company looking at funny Japanese taglines. As a designer who aspires to working between here and Japan in the future, I find it terribly exciting that relations between the two cultures are becoming stronger.

It had been a very productive day for me and the talk was ended with free drinks. I would like to thank Wieden + Kennedy for taking such great care of us!


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