Design Museum- Super Contemporary and Mariscal Drawing Life exhibitions

Over the summer, I’ve visited the Design Museum to peek through the Super Contemporary and Mariscal Drawing Life exhibitions.
First, the Super Contemporary exhibition…
It showcases London’s history of the creative talent in all aspects of design; fashion, architecture, industrial design and graphics, all pursuing the quest to be at the forefront of design.


The works showcased in the exhibition were laid out in a timeline, starting with the earliest designs from one side of the room, working around the wall to the other side with the more recent. Various london works were introduced with information about what had been happening in London at the time that had influenced the design. There was a huge amount of information to take in from the walls, making you look up, down, up, down from left to right.

Lamp Post Chandelier by Thomas Heatherwick


Alongside the works, are maps created by influential London practitioners that shows their own versions of London.

I loved this playful design by Airside (this is just a section of it)


Upstairs, you are welcomed into the Mariscal Drawing Life exhibition through a plastic/ rubber curtain…


I felt like a child inside a candy store! Everywhere I looked was filled with Mariscal’s drawings left, right and centre. I was amazed by the amount of work he produced in his lifetime. Seeing his characters like Cobi provoked a wave of nostalgia and reminded me of my childhood.


There was plenty of things to see here and it was well worth a visit.


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